My Halloween Experience

Of late, I have noticed an increase in the number of paranormal shows that are aired on television. It’s the month of October and some channels have Halloween specials going on too. How many of you believe in the paranormal? I think most people watch it for entertainment and don’t believe in it. Some people are curious and want to know whether such entities really exist. Very few people believe in the paranormal as they may have had an experience of their own. These shows give people the courage to speak about their experience. Everything bottles down to whether you had a paranormal encounter or not. If you did, you probably are a believer, else you are a sceptic.

As a child, a long-time back, I saw something that I could not make sense of at that time. Back then, people always said that everything has a scientific explanation and the rest is either imagination or insanity. However, I dare to share my experience today.

I woke up one night and couldn’t get back to sleep. I walked up to the window and looked out into the yard. Right in front of me, within a close range, I saw the white silhouette of a young lady walking slowly up and down the yard. I started wondering who it was. My eyes followed down her profile and the figure just faded into thin air under the knees. Yet, she silently kept moving up and down the yard as if she were fulfilling some duty.

Suddenly it struck me that this thing is not a real person. At that point, she was right in front of the window. For the first time that night, she turned towards me. I felt as though she could hear my thoughts.

“Ghost!!!” screamed my mind. I ran into the other room as fast as my feet could carry me and stumbled into someone’s bed. I crawled under the blanket and hugged the person tight. The next morning, I realized I was in my aunt’s bed and she went around the whole house announcing this. I was thoroughly embarrassed by this, yet I was also puzzled about what I saw. Too scared to talk about it, I buried the incident in my mind.

That encounter changed me. I was scared of dark places and I never looked out of the window, in case I woke up at night. I never indulged in horror movies, horror stories and discussions about the paranormal. It was a long fight against my fears until I was able to stand my ground against them. Please do share any such experiences that you have had.
Happy Halloween!!!

How Do We Decide Who Is Right??

In the last few weeks, we have seen many controversial and disturbing events that took place around the world. Mass shootings in the USA, protest against the regime in Hong Kong, reorganization bill in J&K (India), Ebola crisis in Congo, increased tensions in Iran, terror threats in Afghanistan, etc. We hear many such unfortunate and troubling news items daily. It makes us wonder about the dilemma of humankind. In many cases, it also instigates unrest in other parts of the world. People try to show their solidarity and support to the victims by taking out protest rallies and marches elsewhere. Some even resort to violence in the name of standing up for the oppressed.

All this might seem like a positive move to unite the world as one. Whether I show solidarity toward the army for quashing an attempt to revolt or march with the citizens of Hong Kong against police brutality, or dispute human rights violations by China, there is an equal number of people who support the opposite side. Herein lies my question. How do we decide who is right and who is wrong? What is propaganda and what is the fact? How do we identify the difficult truth, when it is surrounded by misinformation?

It is always easier to believe the words of deceit than to examine and find the truth for yourself. Since we cannot be everywhere and watch reality with our own eyes, we rely on news and social media to know the truth. When these people deceive us with smokescreens and play with our sensibilities, it is time to stop and make the effort to seek out the truth ourself. When you see two opposing viewpoints, try to find the truth behind the words of each party. Don’t fall for the sweet and soothing words of anyone who promises an easy way out. Believe in the words of those who show reality, however painful it is. The ones who appear to be victims may not always be the wronged party. The aggressors may not always be oppressors. Sometimes, they are just balancing mistakes long due.

I am not interested in telling people what is right and what is wrong. We must come to that conclusion on our own after digging for the truth. Social media, WhatsApp forwards, celebrity endorsements and speeches should not blind us from fact checking. Just because our favourite icons support a cause or make a statement, it need not be the factually correct. The media can be easily manipulated to promote a certain agenda or viewpoint. I can only urge people to think on their own and not become the mouthpiece fearmongers and xenophobes.