About me

Hello everyone, My name is Aishwarya and I live and work in Hyderabad, India. This city is a melting pot of different cultures, but it still maintains its unique identity. I would like to think of myself in the same way that I maintain my unique identity despite being one in over a million people in this city.  I have been working in this great city, for the past 10 years and I feel I have gathered enough rants, horror stories, fun experiences, cringe-worthy tales of office drama etc. to start my own blog.

Every day we come across the apathy of the people in big cities who have become immune to the suffering of fellow citizens. Just when you want to give up, you see a beacon of humanity who does something to restore faith. We see cynical people who refuse to believe in anything good, bad or ugly around them. They won’t back away from question god on everything, yet these questions help in restoring faith in that same god. Some claim the city is too communally charged, but we are also a city where a Hindu god visited a Muslim ruler and paid bail to have his devotee released from jail, and a Muslim Nizam built a temple next to his monument of victory to ensure his citizens were free of an epidemic. 

A day around the city will leave you with a plethora of thoughts that you will need to carefully sort through and store them so that you do not miss them. There are many lessons, observations, findings that we make and come across in our daily routine life. They need not be profound truths of life or the answers to the questions of the cosmos. However, they surely house the answers to our life. Some are useful and some are a waste. I want to record these findings and lessons before I forget them and share them with everyone.

I know that everyone feels that we need a theme or concept or idea around which the blog should revolve around. My blog has a theme too. It revolves around random thoughts and experiences that every working girl faces. Now hold on, I’m not talking about any tales of discrimination, heartbreaks, and bias that one faces every day. My blog, as I mentioned are random thoughts that I think up or encounter and stick in my head for over a week. I want to pen down these thoughts and see if they are weird musings of an idle mind or anything more insightful.

Does that sound interesting? Let’s start off and see where it takes us. Always feel free to send in your feedback and thoughts or experiences.


A Random Muser