Harmony Beach Park – Montego Bay

In May 2021 the 16-acre Harmony Beach Park was opened to public in Montego Bay Jamaica. It was built at a cost of 1.3 billion dollars. It is a flagship project by the Urban Development Corporation. It was opened by the Prime Minister, Most Hon. Andrew Holness. Harmony Beach Park is located along Howard Cooke Boulevard and entry is free for all. I visited the park in July, the wide-open green space, the shady trees, the cool breeze, the clear blue waters and the clean beach was very, very beautiful.

There is a trail built for anyone who would like to jog in the park and this jogging trail is made of special recycled rubber. The beach at the park is a big plus. The early morning view and sun sets are great.

There are good rest rooms also and locker facility for visitors to store their belongings. The best thing is that there are enough of security personnel and I know am safe. No vendors are allowed into the park. I saw some new shops also constructed but they are not yet let out. I guess soon the shops will also open.

There is a special play area for children and a basketball court also. I have been to the park a few times to take either an early morning walk or an evening walk and it was very relaxing. The Park is well lit in the evening and during the day there are lots of trees that provide shade from the heat. Due to the pandemic, I could not visit the park as often as I would like to.


  1. kokanee101 says:

    Amazing, how did whoever built this park on a mere 16 acres justify the spending of 1,300 million dollars for this project are you sure of the price…,? and that it was not maybe 1.3 million…? Also I am not sure how the collection of taxes for projects in Jamaica is collected but anyways it is a nice post.

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    1. Sharda says:

      Hello Kokanee101.Thank you for stopping by and sharing your views. This location was formerly called “Dump-up Beach”. You can find more information about the funding, the cost and other details at the jis.gov.jm website. The Park has a very serene and relaxing atmosphere.

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  2. I understand why one would think that the money on this project was mismanaged. It wouldn’t be the first or last in Jamaica. Anyway, very nice park and I look forward to visiting when next I’m in this side of Jamaica. Thanks for sharing!

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