Passing Your Time During Lockdown

The first lockdown due to the pandemic has been hard to adjust to. The second wave of coronavirus has reached a new high, and the second lockdown has been announced in many places. All the travel restrictions are back in place. Most tourist places and recreational centres are closed, and parties are a big no.

I might sound like I’m complaining. But I agree that these measures are needed to curb the spread of the virus. I am just worried about passing my time during this pandemic. 

The last time, I revisited some of my old hobbies, like crocheting and gardening. 

I also learnt how to cook. I made pasta with Alfredo sauce, baked a cake, among a couple of other recipes. I wasn’t very successful, but I got the basics of cooking right.

I guess this time around, I need to try my hand at drawing. That has been an art form that I am not good at. In my previous post, I promised to learn from my sister, who is good at it. Let’s hope I can manage it this time.


  1. Peko says:

    Gardening seems to be a hit with lockdown hobbies. My neighbor’s empty porch filled up with a variety of plants… I tried my hand at growing things from the seed instead of buying them from nurseries. Had success with a few and not so much with the rest… but its fun.

    Also cooking is a dangerous hobby to practice during this lockdown…. I already put on a lot of flab 😦

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    1. Hahaha, you are lucky to have a green thumb. I’m better are crafts than taking care of living things, ☺️

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  2. aisnikki says:

    I want to take up some crafts as well. I miss the sense of accomplishment I got when I made something and displayed it on the shelf.

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  3. Sharda says:

    Yummy Chocolate cake! Nice post.

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