How True Are Our Prayers?

“Atmasuddhi leni acaramadi ela ?
bhandasuddhileni pakamela
chittasuddhileni Sivapujalelara ?
visvadabhirama vinura Vema !”

This poem was written by Yogi Vemana. Yogi Vemana is a famous Telugu ascetic. He wrote a series of poems that spread wisdom, morality, and ethics based on the social fabric of south Indian society in the 17th-century. His poems highlighted the flaws and inconsistencies in society in his times. Sadly, they are relevant in society today as well. The above verse is close to my heart, I hope you see the wisdom in it too.

This verse in Telugu, speaks about wholeheartedly understanding and supporting your beliefs. Vemana points out the futility of your faith when your heart and mind is not invested in it. He tells that there is no sense in following the ceremonies when the heart and soul are not invested in it. It is the same as cooking a fancy meal in a dirty kitchen with soiled utensils and impure ingredients. He questions you about the purpose of all your prayers when your intentions are not genuine.

This poem rings true in most of the current situations that the world is facing. We have laws, constitutional rights, being used and abused to serve evil intents and purposes. We also see god’s gospel is misused to spread the wrong message. People are following the rule of law in word, not in spirit. We see people offer insincere apologies, offer assistance that will only hurt you more than it helps or offer a helping hand while pulling the rug from under you.


  1. kaish19 says:

    I remember studying this poem as a child. I felt good reading this again.


  2. Sharda says:

    True! Things done with sincerity have better results rather than when things are done namesake. Thanks for reminding the Telugu poem.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Peko says:

    Very relevant poem and a great mind… Vemmana. I heard many people talk about the similarities of society back in the olden days to now. I don’t know if humans have changed much with respect to their conscious. we had philosophers, politicians & common man back then and now too. Its just that we know more numbers now due to technology.

    Anyway coming back to your question on how true are one’s prayers… I believe a lot in Karma. Just because you pray hard doesn’t mean you get what you want unfairly. You will always get what you deserve 🙂

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