Do We Need A Tragedy to Come Closer

The past 2 weeks have been difficult for my family and I. There has been a slew of bad and sad news from relatives. Two deaths that were particularly difficult for us. Both of them were close family and deeply loved by all. The worst part of the whole matter apart from their death is that I never took time out to appreciate them.

As I have mentioned before, the deceased had a special place in my heart. They were both, in their way instrumental in bringing people together. While they were alive, I hardly spoke to them once in a while. I loved them, but I never took time out to chat and express my appreciation. This fact made me feel worse.

All our life, we spend time disagreeing with people, arguing with them, protesting about things, ignoring people on issues. All these issues may be a genuine difference of opinions, silly misunderstandings, personality clashes etc. They seem very important and critical at that time, but once we realize that the person is no longer with us, these differences ceased to matter. What was once an insurmountable barrier appears to be a stubborn mistake. I know that many of the readers will think that such is life.

My question is when we can be wise enough to recognize our foolishness now, why not see it when they were alive. When we can brush off an issue as inconsequential at this point, we could have done it a week before and spent time with that person. Our busy schedule doesn’t matter when we know that a person has passed away, then why was it so important when that person was alive.

I can only regret my misplaced priorities and hope to not repeat them. Please stop and take time to reevaluate all the small fights and disagreements you have with people. Don’t hang on to petty issues and miss out on all the time you can spend with friends and family.