Was Thanos Really An Evil Villain

By now everyone has watched The Avengers franchise and are aware of the supervillain Thanos. He was so disturbed by the greed, suffering, war and imbalance of resources across the universe that he sought to build the ultimate weapon to wipe out half the living beings in the universe. He carefully strategized and worked towards wiping out half the life on one planet after another. He built the infinity gauntlet that would randomly wipe out half the population of a planet and leave the rest to rebuild their world as they choose. Everyone was horrified by his plan and did not see it as a solution to the problem. But, is his plan really that bad?

I am not supporting his plan to wipe out life. I do not condone his actions to indiscriminately wipe out life or play God. However, when we observe all the tragic events over the course of history, isn’t that how nature works? When the planet was overrun by dinosaurs as the dominant species, we saw cataclysmic natural disasters that wiped out many of the predators and life started afresh. Man has witnessed the rise and fall of many tribes, kingdoms, empires even, that fall victim to nature’s balancing act. It does not matter whether the people were the humblest, most pious, benevolent, or the greediest, cruellest, most violent bunch. Everyone that goes up has to come down. Every empire that rose had to fall.

In fact, all the major religions in the world today predict a similar ending. Be it Christianity, Islam, Hinduism etc they all state that when greed, evil, dishonesty, treachery etc. overrun humans, then God and nature will act swiftly to wipe out life to cleanse the world.

This is just a random musing of mine, but it made sense. Tell me your thoughts and views on how you see Thanos. Is he a villain or a teaser to how our world will end up?